jeane+jax, the Montreal-based vegan luxury handbag brand, has been named the recipient of the Innovation, Productivity, and Sustainable Development fund. The prestigious $25,000 grant, a collaboration with PME MTL GSO and the City of Montreal, will help support the company’s longstanding and ongoing initiatives dedicated to sustainability and ethical production within the fashion industry.

Founded in 2014, jeane+jax has become renowned for its elevated and timeless designs crafted with high-end, plant-based alternatives to animal leather. As of 2024, the brand is taking their commitment to positive change even further with a pledge that all its main materials will be 100% natural and 0% plastic.

Considering the carbon footprint of the fashion industry—it’s responsible for an estimated 8% of global emissions—the Innovation, Productivity, and Sustainable Development Fund’s acknowledgement of jeane+jax is particularly noteworthy. The grant will allow jeane+jax to offer customers an expanded range of products that reinforces the company’s pioneering spirit and standard-setting approach to fashion production.

Model sitting next to black crossbody bag MIRUM collection

This achievement has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of key partners to jeane+jax. Notably, the innovation of NFW, creators of the plastic-free alternative to leather and bio-based material MIRUM®, has been instrumental to jeane+jax's sustainable endeavours. In addition, the exceptional craftsmanship of Veshin Factory, the company's sustainable manufacturing partner, has played a vital role in realizing its vision of environmentally conscious fashion.

Recognizing Montreal's rich fashion heritage and its dedication to advancing sustainable practices, jeane+jax is proud to be a part of a community that values innovation and environmental stewardship. The city's commitment to fostering sustainability initiatives, as exemplified by the Innovation, Productivity, and Sustainable Development Fund, serves as a testament to its progressive ethos.

jeane+jax remains steadfast in its mission to lead the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future. By harnessing innovation, collaboration, and a relentless commitment to ethical practices, the company is poised to continue its journey as a change-maker and trailblazer.


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