all natural, zero plastics


the only high-performance, plastic-free alternative to leather, MIRUM® is premium material made from responsibly sourced natural rubber, plant-based oil, natural pigments, and minerals.

MIRUM® can be customized across a variety of aesthetic and mechanical elements. from color and shine, to texture, grain, temper, thickness, fragrance, and ingredient profile – MIRUM® is all tunable, all scalable.

a home for conscious manufacturing

Veshin Factory

as a sustainable company and an advocate for transparency, we are proud to share our manufacturer’s information so our customers can see who handcrafts their bags.

it is important for us to offer timeless handbags using the best material on the market, but we cannot forget about the elevated workmanship that Veshin Factory provides us.

it's time to start shining the spotlight on the talented individuals who handcraft our designs. they play an intricate role in our sustainable supply chain and we are honoured to work with a factory that aligns with our compassion for animals and our planet. 

introducing jeane+jax's

MIRUM® collection

jeane+jax actively explores the market for cutting-edge materials that align with our handbag designs while reducing our environmental footprint.

as a luxury brand prioritizing sustainability and veganism, we are dedicated to utilizing only top-quality fabrics that don't come at the cost of the planet. enter: MIRUM®.

did you know that MIRUM® production emits up to 10x less greenhouse gas emissions than synthetic leather-like materials and conventional chrome-tanned leather?