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a mindful decision towards ethical fashion

Woman on a swing vegan purse | Jeane & Jax

Woman petting a pug with a veagn purse | Jeane & Jax


Our materials are 100% animal free, providing ethical options to all consumers. They are carefully selected to ensure our products are of the highest vegan quality available. Our PU fabrics contain microfiber pores, allowing our handbags to be breathable and supple. Not only do they look and feel like real leather, but they're also durable and water resistant.


In addition to offering sustainable manufacturing practices, we are also making better choices for the environment and consumers. All our PU fabrics and hardware are certified at EU standards to ensure no hazardous materials are used in their content or manufacturing process. For that reason, we never use PVC for any of our products. We continue to pursue new, more eco-friendly materials, as we strive to be leaders in sustainable fashion.


All our products are sourced from manufacturers that are regularly audited to comply with socially responsible practices. No workers are under the age of 16, and women have the same rights as their male counterparts. Air quality, temperature, and work schedules are regulated to ensure a pleasant overall work environment. Our pricing structure is also ethical as we provide fair labor wages to our craftsmen/women, and responsible as we provide affordable vegan luxury collections to our customers.

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