Social Responsibility

A Vegan Company

jeane & jax is a luxury vegan handbag company that encompasses the importance of cruelty-free fashion. 
As of July 2015, jeane & jax is a PETA-Approved Vegan brand.

Ethically Sourced

We have performed several extensive audits, not only for quality assurance, but for social responsibility as well. 
We order our own, environmentally safe hardware to ensure there is no lead in our metals. 
We work with facilities that adhere to the following policies and regulations: 

  • No workers under the age of 16
  • Women workers having the same rights as their male counterparts
  • High standard of air quality and temperature control
  • Readily available fire extinguishers as well as a clear evacuation plan
  • Storage of materials in a safe and non-hazardous area
  • Structurally sound manufacturing facilities
  • Maintaining a pleasant overall work environment 

jeane & jax is committed to providing all employees with a safe, healthy and equitable work environment. These beliefs cannot and will not change.