Redefining Luxury with Sustainable Materials

At jeane+jax, the mission is clear: redefine luxury fashion with materials that not only look good but also do good. Embracing sustainability, jeane+jax is committed to transforming the luxury handbag market by prioritizing eco-friendly practices and materials that cater to the environmentally conscious consumer without compromising on style.

Material Innovation: The MIRUM® Revelation

black MIRUM® fabric draped

A standout example of jeane+jax’s innovative approach is the adoption of MIRUM®, a revolutionary plant-based leather alternative that is completely free from plastics. MIRUM® not only mirrors the aesthetic appeal and durability of traditional leather but also supports environmental sustainability, reflecting the brand's dedication to ethical fashion choices.

jeane+jax’s use of cutting-edge materials like MIRUM®, and other plant-based materials coming soon, is not just about adopting new technologies; it’s about leading a movement. These advancements allow the creation of products that push the boundaries of what sustainable materials can achieve, offering high-quality, luxurious, and durable alternatives to conventional leather.

Market Impact: Influencing the Fashion Industry

The introduction of leather-alternative collections by brands like jeane+jax is creating waves in the luxury market. By choosing sustainable materials, jeane+jax not only caters to a niche market of eco-aware consumers but also sets a precedent for the industry, encouraging other brands to follow suit in the journey towards sustainability.

Conscious Manufacturing with Veshin Factory

man measuring a piece of leather for handmade bag, second photo shows Veshin Factory employees holding paper that says "I made your bag"

In collaboration with Veshin, jeane+jax emphasizes sustainable and conscious manufacturing practices. A valuable manufacturing partner, Veshin Factory was founded upon five core value objectives—progressive sustainability, transparency, using leather alternatives, raising greater consciousness, and giving back.

Operating as a close-knit family built on a system of trust where each individual is valued and respected, the management fosters long-lasting relationships with their employees, resulting in a stable workforce driven by mutual respect.

This commitment is evident in Veshin's dedication to fair employee wages, strict health and safety practices, and extensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Veshin's values align with ours, ensuring that our partnership results in high-quality products that positively impact surrounding communities and the people who create them. Learn more about our collaboration with Veshin here.

Evolution of Vegan Materials: From Plastics to Plants

MADE WITH MIRUM hope bag in black next to rubber, charcoal and tubes of minerals. the materials used to make MIRUM fabric

When jeane+jax launched the brand back in 2014, the options for leather alternatives were limited. Vegan materials at the time were primarily made with petrochemical-based plastics, which, while a good step away from animal leather, still posed significant environmental challenges. As the brand evolved, so did our materials. We began incorporating recycled materials, reducing waste and our carbon footprint. Today, we are excited about the innovation of plant-based materials and are proud to take a leadership role in being one of the first brands to use them.

Vision for the Future of Sustainable Luxury

jeane+jax envisions a future where luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. By continuing to innovate with plant-based and bio-based materials, and actively seeking collaboration with other sustainable material developers, jeane+jax aims to lead the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future. As the fashion world evolves, jeane+jax remains at the forefront, promising luxury that loves the planet.

Discover more about our commitment to sustainability and shop the MADE WITH MIRUM® collection.

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